Aydan Parret, is the son of Danielle & Josh Parrett and the grandson of Dan & Toni Soule. Aydan’s birth, although joyful, presented Danielle and her husband with tremendous challenges.

Join Team Race for Aydan at the 38th Annual Kent Pumpkin Run
Aydan, off to school

Aydan was born with a serious chromosome disorder that took doctors weeks to determine exactly what it was. His chromosomal anomaly had never been documented and to this day Aydan is “writing the book” on his specific condition.

Aydan was in the NICU at Pitt Memorial Hospital-over an hour away from the Air Force Base where Danielle and Josh were stationed-for 6 months! During Aydan’s stay in the hospital the Ronald McDonald House provided lodging, meals and lots of love and support for Danielle and her extended family.

In addition, we will be giving some funds to Edgewood Community Developmental School, where Aydan is attending school. Our contributions help the school & teachers build their technology department, providing tools and programs for teaching children with disabilities.

Visit our website  or call Toni Soule 860-671-4592 for more info.

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Join Team Race for Aydan at the 40th Annual Kent Pumpkin Run
Join Team Race for Aydan at the 40th Annual Kent Pumpkin Run